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Personal Growth

Story No. 4: I Will Achieve My Goals

Personal Growth

Step 1 to achieving your goals is setting your goals.  Oprah speaks a lot of setting our intentions.  When Jim Carey was an aspiring actor, he wrote a check for $10 million to himself 3 years in the future for “acting services rendered.”  Right before the check was set to expire, he found out he would be earning $10 million for making Dumb and Dumber.  I know my goal – to start and own a fashion company.  So I sat down and wrote a letter to future me, the Founder and CEO of a successful dress company.  I dated it 3 years in the future.  When that letter comes in the mail, I know I’ll be reading it from a beautiful office surrounded by samples.

Heather P.
Los Angeles, CA


September 24, 2014


Personal Growth